Since, many customers are interested to know our products, we have answered frequently asked questions in this page. Please make use of this page, before placing an order.

How do i place an order?
You can place an order after going through the product catalogue listed in the homepage. You can choose the code mentioned and place an enquiry with us for product availability. If a particular product is available, then you can place an order online or by telephonic communication.

Could I expect an order confirmation?
Sure, you can expect an order confirmation. Confirmation note is sent to your email.

How do I pay for ordered furniture?
You can pay for the order by DD / Cheque / NEFT , 50% advance along with balance against performo.

What information do I need to mention to know the status of product?
You can mention order confirmation number and date of purchase to know the product status.

How delivery of product can be expected?
We deliver your product with utmost care. We give delivery free of cost in city limit.

Could I expect receipt for payment at my place?
We provide receipts for every purchase.

If you still have additional questions, please feel free to place an enquiry at the contact page.